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Perch UI Issue


I have been developing with Perch for 3-4 years now, and have recently upgraded some of my sites to Perch v3.

I am having difficulty explaining to a client where they find the Perch Blog posts... I refer to the 'left caret' / 'left arrow' that sits next to 'Pages' when in the pages section. The UI design basically means that addons are completely hidden from the UI, when in the Pages section, unless you know to click on this left arrow.

Do you have plans to change this? Have other users complained? It feels a little less easy to find features now that you have moved things around. Other areas of the UI are certainly improved and modernized, however I have to say that this feels like a step backwards.

Adam Menczykowski

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  • 3 years ago
Duncan Revell

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Hi Adam,

when I personally first used v3, I found the arrow a bit jarring - but that quickly passed. Once it becomes second nature, it's fine - which I know could be hard to explain to clients.

However, if you enable the dashboard in settings, clients can happily use the dashboard as a 'home' button/area.


I recently had a client who told me there was no straight forward way to reach the blog since I upgraded the site to v3.

I was able to explain this could be accomplished in 2 clicks

  1. click on the (<) greater than symbol in the top left corner
  2. Click on the Blog App in the menu.

Now that being said, I was part of the Beta Group who tested and helped to improve the v3 update. There was quite often talk about this very thing and I have to say, what you have in the current release is better then some of the considered options. I still feel there is room for improvement in the menu management UI, but I honestly have no idea what would be "Better".

What do you suggest as a better design?

Thanks, your input is great, and your pain realized by many too.


Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

It's intended to be exactly the same interaction as on a phone UI.

If you use Runway you can build your own menus too.

+1 for the dashboard option for any sites with more than Pages.

Thanks for all your suggestions. Using the dashboard option combined with proper instructions to the Client on how to use the '<' is fine for now.