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Login not possible, Licence Key not valid?

My client can't log in the admin panel, neither can I. It says "Entschuldigung, der Lizenz-Schlüssel ist für diese Domain nicht gültig." (Sorry, the licence key is not valid on this domain). I did'nt change anything on the installation, the config-file hasn't been corrupted. What could be wrong? Thanks in advance.

Ursula Volkart

Ursula Volkart 0 points

  • 2 years ago

Your web host may have updated PHP which may have affected your perch installation. First check and see if an update has been performed by your host. You may need to update perch to newer version or at least v2.8.34

Thanks a lot! After successfully updating to the latest version, all is running as it should.

That sounds great. Glad to help.