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Perch Blog, 3 blog pages


My client, wants 3 blog pages. Each one is a different subject and template design

is this possible? because there is only one blog app

can I use categories, to split the blogs up. and use the category to filter content for each page?

Would it be possible to have different templates for each blog/category page?

many thanks in advance


Tony Monckton

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  • 3 years ago
Hussein Al Hammad

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Hello Tony,

You can set up multiple blogs with Runway. Each blog can have its own template.

i'm not using runway.

just standard perch.


yes in standard perch you can use categories to give you what you want. I have a client who has 'regular' news, 'club' news' and news featuring 'videos' - all managed within the one blog app.

ok cool.

just wanted to check this, otherwise I might waste my time hitting a brick wall..


so under 'categories' you have a 'set' called e.g. 'blog' and then under that set, create your categories. You can then indeed have separate blog templates for all of those categories, and could also set up different blog 'post types' in the blog

You can then filter what you want, where you want it displayed...

It's a bit of a faff but it works well when you are done :)

cool :))))))

ok I'll start working on it.

many thanks