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Perch "Hands On" announcement

Hello - we've quietly launched today a new offering aimed at helping busy freelancers and small agencies. Perch Hands on is a small set of post-launch packages.

While support and advice will always be free at Perch, and we're very committed to that, there is a whole range of stuff we have to say is outside the scope of support. That tends to be the things that are more to do with hosting, moving sites and so on. In reality we can't help much as we'd need to be "hands on" with the server to sort it out.

So to help with these things we have one-time purchase packages for doing a site move for you from one host to another; doing a Perch 1 to Perch 2 upgrade, or a Perch 2 old version to Perch 2 update. We'll actually log into your server and sort it out for you.

If you want ongoing help we're also offering a monthly subscription where we'll take care of updates, and small things that crop up, for example fixing your redirect rules or troubleshooting email.

Just to be clear, this is not a "higher level" of support, support remains exactly the same. Nor is it a way to get development done. This is really so we have some way to help with those post launch things that we currently try and give advice for but can't really do much to help with.

Take a look: Perch Hands On

Also a blog post about how you could use our monthly maintenance as part of a wider retainer package for your clients.

Rachel Andrew

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  • 7 years ago