Looking for a registered Perch developer to help finish a website

I'm heading up a few Perch website projects right now and one of them in particular is stuck in development hell. I was wondering, are there any Perch developers who have an opening to me and get paid for it? The project in particular is this one, from earlier forum queries:

This is a small website project that has totally gone off the rails timeline-wise and just needs to get done, so I am reaching out. What I need help with specifically is fixing the Perch Shop implementation. It needs to connect to the Square API. Currently the shop is mostly set-up in the manual setting but has some checkout errors, so that needs to be finished at minimum, and then the Square functionality needs to be added. Square API info:

I am a freelance designer/front-end developer who sometimes hires subcontractors for help with development that's too complex for me (API integrations, fancier PHP stuff, etc). For transparency/background's sake, up until this point a subcontractor has done most of the Perch work on this site, but he is also having trouble. Here is the site in-progress:

Lindsay Masten

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  • 3 years ago

Lindsay.... I'm right

How can I help?

Robert, I was hoping you'd reply! I'm emailing you directly now.

I am all ears... lol i am all ears