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Why are .io games so popular? – Highly recommended .io games

What is “.io”?

“.Io” is the national domain for the British Indian Ocean, so basically “.io” is a domain name extension. This domain name became extremely popular after – a phenomenon in the online gaming industry – was released in 2015. With the success of and, game developers started to use the“.io” domain more often, so as to associate themselves with this new style of free online MMO game. And now as you can see “.io” games have become a trend. The monthly search volume of keywords related to “.io” games in 2018 may make you surprised: “.io” searches are over 2000000. “.io games” searches are 621000. “io games” searches are 973000.

Why are the “.io” games popular?

If you are interested in browser-based games, you probably know some websites to play Flash games and HTML5 games. If you visit these sites, you will see that the ".io" games are always in the top most played games of the sites. The homepage of the ".io" games always has thousands (sometimes millions) of gamers playing. Since the first appearance of and so far, new ".io" games have appeared continuously and most of them have become the favorite games of many gamers. So what made these ".io" games so popular? Let’s find out!


Perhaps the first thing that makes these games so successful is the gameplay. In ".io" games the gameplay is often simple but really addictive. Back to - the first ".io" game ever - all you have to do in this game is to use the mouse to move, space bar to split and W key to eject mass. In, things are even simpler. You just need to use your mouse to move your snake. In some recent ".io" games like or, the gameplay is somewhat more complicated but still much simpler than other online games. And although the gameplay is so simple, this is one of the awesome free games you can play online right now - No download needed. They are addictive because many possible outcomes can happen. For example, in, although the only thing you need to do is move the mouse, but that does not mean you will win easily in the game. You will have to be clever to not touch the bodies of other snakes, and at the same time make other snakes bump into your snake's body. Trust us, it’s not as easy at it sounds.


To play ".io" games, you just need to visit the main site of the games or you can play on them on different gaming sites. Unlike other online games, you don't have to log in or download to play. You don't even have to name your character to play. You can play with the name Guest, so even the laziest guys can play the game instantly. All the ".io" games are free to play. This convenience is a great thing. Why? Imagine! With only one click you can play extremely fun and astounding games with thousands of people. We all love something convenient, don't we? - one of the first “.io” games

Interaction and competitiveness

In ".io" games, you will usually start in a weak position. At that moment you will feel nervous because you have to play smart and be careful with other enemies that are much stronger than you. But if you play carefully, you will not only Survive but also be stronger. At this point, you will feel the power as you can threaten the weaker opponents. However, in these games, possessing stronger characters doesn't mean that you don't have to worry about anything. Once you play careless, you will become the prey for the other gamers, even those with weaker characters. All players want to destroy the other players and become the strongest. This makes boredom in the game unlikely, which means players can spend a lot of time playing these games. Unlike many Flash games and HTML5 games, in the ".io" games, your opponents are other players online, so you will encounter many various gaming styles and strategies as well as many situations that require different solutions. This also makes the games more attractive. Anyone of us would love to rise to the top, right? We do that for glory? Or we want to prove our talent and skills? Or is it our instinct? Perhaps we all have our own answers, but one thing is for sure: we want to be the best. This is what makes the ".io" games so appealing. For example, in, you will experience the same stressful tension when you play PUBG - one of the hottest online games for PC now. You have to find weapons and equipment to destroy the remaining 99 players. As you can see the interaction and high competitiveness make this game become popular and played by thousands of gamers. Wanting to play more popular games?

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Competitiveness make a super addictive game.

Objective reasons

When and were first released, a lot of YouTubers and streamers immediately reviewed the games. And they've soon realized that these games are highly engaging and they can use the games to attract more viewers. Therefore, streamers and game streamers regularly reviews of the newest ".io" games. Thanks to these YouTubers people know more about the ".io" games and they look for them to play. The games themselves are extremely attractive, but we can't deny that the streamers and game streamers have contributed greatly to the popularity of the ".io" games.

Hottest “.io” games now Understanding why gamers all over the world love “.io” games so much, you probably want to find the best “.io” games to play, right? This is the list of hottest “.io” games recently so you can turn on your computer or mobile, get online and try them out right now. - One of the newest and hottest “.io” games

If you’re a fan of Counter Strike, you will love this game right away. In this game, you will use different guns to fight your enemies. Default guns are the AK-47 and a pistol but you can pick from different classes right away. The game offers FFA and team deathmatch for you to choose from. The graphics of the game are also simplistic but effective. If you’re a fan of gun battles, this game is made for you.

It’s a pity if you don’t try – one of the best “.io” games ever. is somewhat similar to PUBG. Or you can call it a 2d PUBG. In this game, you will have to collect weapons and equipment in order to become the only Survivor in 100 players. The map is large with many buildings, basements, bridges and more. Once you start the game, you won’t want to stop playing until you become the winner. And believe us, beating 99 other gamers is not something easy to do. If you’re looking for a fun and thrilling game, is for you. is an easy and fun game to play.

Once you play, you will realize that the game is quite similar to All you need to do in the game is use mouse to move your character collecting energy and click the mouse to attack enemies. Once you fulfill the energy bar by collecting enough energy balls or destroying enemies, you will become a stronger character with a bigger weapon. The bigger you and your weapon are, the easier for you to attack other players. The gameplay sounds easy but it isn’t. Play skillfully or you will be killed by even smaller characters. It’s a simple but super fun and addictive game. If you want to start playing “.io” games, this one is the best option for you. If you want to play more amazing games? Let’s try out the best free online games with no download needed at Mantigames - Play on your PC or Mobile browser

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