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New Runway Website for Newfield School

I have just launched this new updated version of a website for a school The old site was written in Perch 1 then upgraded to Perch 2 so I decided apart from importing 850 ish blog posts to start from scratch for this version with Runway version 3.

The site uses Blog App: The multiple blogs functionality is fantastic although a little fiddly getting the tags and categories to work independently for the two blogs.

Events App: Which I like but wish it supported multi day events. I even got it to use the perch events data to create automatic .ics files for each event to add them to calendar apps.

Twitter App: Is importing liked tweets

Forms App: For contact form and a few others.

Members App: For a secure staff and governor areas

Greg Riley

Greg Riley 1 points

  • 2 years ago

Really nice site that Greg.

Do you mind me asking about the responsive drop down menu? Have you used a ready-made solution for that or did you roll your own?

Thanks John. I am not sure how to answer that I always take bits from here and there but not sure if that counts as rolling your own. The whole site is based on Bootstrap ver 4. So the navigation is basically 2 lots of the bootstrap nav bar but for the top blue one I have added and modified a few changes I found in various other places. I have an animated hamburger solution. A bit of javascript that changes the height once you scroll down the page. Another bit of javascript that returns you to the top of the page if you click on the hamburger at any point other than the top as it is a fixed to top nav bar. Then the icon view was originally based on an idea I liked on I did it first on another site which is probably simpler to look at the code on. I think I found something similar to trigger it but can not find it again. Then I just used bootstrap grid and Font Awesome to lay it out.

Thanks for that info Greg. Really helpful.

Great site!

Great work Greg!

Very nice I enjoy the slanted div effects. I've been wanting to use them for awhile but haven't come across a good fit. I also like the events usage

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