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Runway Update and a look at the Docs in Progress

As a little update in terms of Perch Runway, we're now at Beta 3, which is in the hands of our beta testers (Registered Developers will also find a copy in their accounts).

We've been publishing the documentation as we go, so if you are interested in how Perch Runway will behave over regular Perch then you can take a look at the docs

We have also published a couple of videos on the Perch Runway landing page demonstrating Collections and backup to cloud storage

I did a test upgrade of my personal site today to Runway Beta 3 and it's pretty straightforward, I think the ability to start small and know you have somewhere to go if the site gets more complex is a really exciting feature of the new product and hopefully will allow you to give clients confidence that they aren't trapped in a small solution.

Rachel Andrew

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  • 7 years ago