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Hi Rachel, Drew.

just a suggestion: would you accept volunteers to monitor this forum for spam? I for one pop in here most days, just to see what's happening and there are probably a few others that do the same. If the forum software allows us to be able to simply mark certain posts as spam, which would at least hide the post until further moderation, I'd pop my hand in the air and volunteer...

But only if I got to wear a Perch "Spam Cop" (TM) badge.

Duncan Revell

Duncan Revell 78 points

  • 2 years ago
Duncan Revell

Duncan Revell 78 points
Registered Developer

Nervously waits for the first mocking spam post to appear...

I agree Duncan. They are annoying.

I would also volunteer to delete them.

First guy that needs to go is ...... bovave patonce

Duncan, If I give you the "Spam Cop" Badge. Can I have the "Spam Cop" Baton/ Hammer?

Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
Perch Support

The forum software doesn't offer anything like that, unfortunately.

Drew can you delete the account for bovave patonce? He is a spammer