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Admin UI Bugs

I haven't encountered too many bugs so far while working with Perch, but I came across one that really detracts from the content editing experience, and that's the collapsible region sections. This feature simply doesn't work.

I would rather group editable content by creating templates, as it makes editing the content much quicker and easier than having 30 individual regions that have to be clicked on before they can be edited. However, if a region contains a few editable fields - and some of them have a divider or some are repeaters, the collapsing completely breaks. The region title can be collapsed, but any sections with dividers or that are repeaters will remain visible. It's a little confusing to say the least.

I encountered a thread on the forum from seven months ago: I presume this is a known bug and has not yet been addressed?

Robert Carter

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  • 3 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

The collapsing works by collapsing to the next divider. Repeaters, Blocks and items have dividers, and you can add your own. There's no nesting of dividers - they're the point at which the page is collapsed.