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Reorder products in Shop

Is there any way for a client to reorder individual products in Perch Shop? And in the same vein, is there any way to reorder product variants (without recreating them)?

Lindsay Masten

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  • 3 years ago

Yes, twice. Lol

How? What am I not seeing? (PS did I ask this before? If so sorry, lol.)

I am away from my computer, otherwise I would have some instruction. I will post again in a little while when back at my desk.


Hey, who says a guy won't admit when he's wrong... cause I am admitting it now.... I can't see a way to order, so I guess you'll need to add a field to sort on... sorry

Someone else will confirm this soon enough...

Well, I wanted you to be right! I found an old forum post yesterday that seemed to imply it was possible, but I think it, like you, was misremembering.

If I add a field will sorting options just appear, like magic?

If I add a field will sorting options just appear, like magic?

Yeah, right....

No, you will have to use like a text field, then sort with the perch_shop_products() options array using filter, match, value and maybe some special sort order...

But, I guess that is pretty magical too.... lol

I was so hopeful!

PS if the powers that be are reading this, I think sorting/reordering products and variants is something almost everyone using Perch Shop would find extremely useful. I'd say it's very rare that clients want their products ordered most recently to least recently added to the system.

Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

As Robert says, you can use the sort option to sort your listings on any of the fields.