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Is Perch suitable for Author Agency website?

Hi all,

I've been using perch on a few small sites recently but they've been really simple little projects. I have a new bigger project and I'm wondering whether it can be done using Perch as the CMS.

The client is an Authors agency. They will obviously need to add new authors and new books, and link them within the system (i.e Author 'A' has written 'X,Y,Z' books). Author pages and Book pages will need to be separate.

They also want a news section in which each article will need to be linked to either an existing Author or Book in the system (ideally through a dropdown).

The Authors are represented by about 10 Agents. Each Agent also needs their own bio and a list of selected Authors they represent.

These are the primary concerns in terms of if this is possible with Perch. I've done sites like this before but have written very simple CMS's to accomplish this (I'm more of a designer than a developer). I really like Perch and would love to see if, with some customisation / addons, Perch will be suitable.

Dr Codswallop

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  • 7 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Sounds like the perfect sort of thing for Collections in Perch Runway.

Thanks Drew. So I presume I would set up 2 Collections (1 for Authors and 1 for Books). Is it then possible to have a dropdown list choice of all the Authors in the system when adding details of a new Book (i.e a way of linking items between Collections).

Drew McLellan

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That's right.