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Megademic & Perch - A Beautiful Combination

We've just integrated Perch into our digital marketing agency website, and we're extremely proud of it. You can see the end result for yourself here: We're currently in the process of adding tons more content and features to the site, and there are some areas of the site that are not yet content manageable due to the complexity, but we're gradually porting more and more of the content to Perch as time allows.

It took us just two or three days to acquire a solid understanding of how the system works, and we love working with it. Compared to WordPress it's an absolute joy to develop with, and we feel confident enough in the system and team behind it to offer it as our preferred CMS solution to our clients.

We've haven't even scratched the surface of what this CMS can do and we're still learning about new functions all the time, but the bucket system alone gives Perch a huge advantage over something like WordPress. If you've ever used that system you'll appreciate how horrible it is to manage large amounts of files and assets; it's a nightmare. Out of the box Perch isn't much better, as it just puts everything in the resources folder by default. However, a quick read-up on the documentation about buckets and we have now mirrored the nicely organised file structure of our static site. It's genius and is one of our favourite features so far. Simply create a "bucket list" of different files, tell the system where you want it to store them and voila!

Keep up the good work guys. We'll certainly be banging the Perch drum in future.

Robert Carter

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  • 3 years ago

"It took us just two or three days to acquire a solid understanding of how the system works, and we love working with it."

Same for me Robert. I've just done a job retrofitting a CMS to a large site that was built initially as static html. I'd heard about Perch and it seemed a good option and it hasn't disappointed at all. I ended up converting a site that was large and unwieldy down to a very slick and compact arrangement, where every page on the site is now built by the one file. And where the shop owners can easily edit and add their own content. The perch_content_custom() function and a bit of php is a very powerful combination!

Well done. Looking good!

Eddie Dale said:

Well done. Looking good!

Thank you so much. Glad you like it.

We can't wait to get started with Perch Runway too, and the Shop app looks very useful. We've been recommending Shopify to clients with ecommerce requirements, but it looks like we can now offer an alternative solution if required.