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Blog Categories do not publish

My dev site has been moved to a staging URL where the client is adding content in preparation to go live.

I've noticed that on the blog/post/archive page <?php perch_blog_categories(); ?> does not have any output. I've checked templates and cannot spot anything obvious so far. I created a test.php with <?php perch_blog_categories(); ?> and moved back and forth from dev to staging and staging URL outputs nothing, dev works correctly.

As a cross check I moved copied the database connected it back in the dev site and <?php perch_blog_categories(); ?> displays nothing. So I fear there's perhaps something wrong with the staging database. Although checking the database I can't see anything obvious there either.

What would you suggest I could do to check or how to correct this?

David Owen

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  • 4 years ago

Sounds like one for the Perch guys, but are the Blog categories visible in the Categories app in Perch?

Yes Blog categories are visible in the Categories app in Perch

Is 'categories' in the array within /perch/config/apps.php? Not sure if that would be your issue but might be worth a check?

    $apps_list = array(

Yes it has. The site is using categories elsewhere on the site and they're working correctly.

And archive by date and tags are fine

That's weird. "Republished all" and they're working again

Would be a case of;

Because I've been working on other categories/templates the current blog posts need to re-published to display their templates?