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File upload path with type file


I would like to be able to upload files to a folder on my server. I have a folder called fileuploads outside of my public_html. In my form options I have to specify a file upload path. What should I set as the path? Tried using fileuploads or /fileuploads but it says: The file path /fileuploads is not writable by PHP.

Thanks, Mike

Mike Hendriks

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  • 2 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

It should be the full file system path to fileuploads.

Hi Drew,

The folder structure is as follows: / domains / [my.domain] / fileuploads. When using /domains/[my.domain]/fileuploads I get the same error in Perch.

Hussein Al Hammad

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Hello Mike,

If you go to Settings > Diagnostics, your DOCUMENT_ROOT path should be listed there.