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Reference Request Addon

Hi all,

I am looking into the possibility of creating a reference request addon - whereby the company would input details of the person applying for the job and email addresses of references, each reference would then receive an automated email from the system with a unique link. They can then follow the link to provide their reference for that person. We basically do this already but we have to fill in a word document, attach to an email, complete email address and send.

It would ideally also send a copy of the job description for that post.

Do you think this is a possibility? Does this already exist? I might need someone to develop this for me because I am very new at this - so if you think you would be able to accomplish this please get in touch.

Conor Harkins

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  • 3 years ago


Custom Perch App's is something I do a lot of.

If you would like to contact me directly I can be found on the Perch Registered Developers Page @

I would be happy to discuss this project with you.

Robert Ketter // Ketterus

I have sent you an email, Robert.

Conor Harkins said:

I have sent you an email, Robert.

Thank You, It has been received...