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Next Solution Article Suggestion: Capturing data for your own app


I'm a long term perch customer and my clients have grown with the product. Thankfully perch's range of apps has grown along with my clients business and the default range of apps has covered my needs.

Now that their is Perch/Runway aims to cover a wider range of business needs we will hopefully we will see the perch API start to plug into other API's and the range grow e.g. like the mailchimp/twitter add ons.

It would be helpful to have a solution article of the best practices on how Drew suggest how best to create these add ons. It would be helpful to cover:

  • How to make sure add on scales with perch core
  • Capturing and handling data from the perch inputs
  • Any common mistakes, things to watch out for, security considerations


Andrew Cetnarskyj

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  • 7 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Thanks, I'll give it some thought.

Look forward to it, maybe something if you do a live webinar again too.