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Retiring the old forums

Hi all - we're increasingly seeing problems where people have dug up some old thread from the forum archive and are trying to implement something using that advice despite the fact that Perch has moved on. However we are aware that there are things in there that Perchers might be referencing.

So we can retire this old information and stop confusing people, if you are using something from the old forum as a reference because it doesn't exist as info anywhere else can you post a link to it in this thread? I can then make sure that information is either added to the docs in a useful place or written up as a solution.


Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew 394 points

  • 7 years ago

I know I'm not contributing to your request directly, but I think the main reason for that, is that if you google a certain problem on perch, the old forums come up way before the new ones. But as the old forums layout is pretty much broken, people often think they might have found the solution, but weren't really able to verify that, which might be reason why they reference this on the new forums.