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Use template id with different options

Hi, I am using id="caption" as ALT text and caption it self.

I need alt text to be textile=false so it does not include <p></p>. In caption I need to be textile="true" for adding markitup editor.

Any idea to reuse and have different properties?

<img src='<perch:blog id="imageAlbum" type="image" label="image" width="800" help="Recorta a 800px de ancho" />' alt='<perch:if exists="caption"><perch:blog id="caption" type="textarea" editor="markitup" textile="false" size="xs" label="Caption" /><perch:else/>Iñaki Domingo</perch:if>' />
<perch:blog id="caption" type="textarea" editor="markitup" textile="true" size="xs" label="Caption" />
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  • 4 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Use striptags to remove the tags when you don't want them.