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3 issues with Perch forms

Hello everyone, but especially Drew, who has been assisting with this issue.

See this forum thread - It looks like that thread's been closed (I didn't close it), hence this new thread. But it's a continuation of that other one.

This is where we're up to: I have 3 problems with Perch forms. 1. Duplicate links on the form listings page. Is there any way to resolve this? 2. Can't view messages properly - clicking any message leads to a weird spammy message, always exactly the same content. 3. Checking that Akismet is working - however, along the way, I see in the diagnostics report that it is working, so let's regard this issue as solved.

And to add something new .... 4. I see duplicate links elsewhere within Perch as well. E.g., I have 3 blog tabs, each of which leads to the same blog (I only have one blog on my site). And, I have 2 categories tabs, each called 'Post', which are duplicates.

Drew - or anyone else! - I hope that you can provide further advice on how to fix issues #1, #2, #4. Thanks.

Mark Day

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  • 2 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Is this happening on both your development and production servers?

What is happening is, people are making comments for whatever reason it shows up 2 or more times. The user gets down voted a lot, but when they view their user page they only see their original comment. To delete the duplicates, not sure if they can, they have to go to each individual post and hit delete since none of the duplicates are visible.

There are huge difficulties in building up the Perch UI, and I felt that the procedure may intrigue report. So this will be the first in a progression of posts as I do this work In this first post, I'll clarify a portion of the issues we confront, for those of you not comfortable with Perch.