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Git - Beanstalk - FTP

In the latest Perch Podcast it was mentioned that any professional web developer should be deploying via Git not uploading via FTP.

I wonder if anyone could explain why it is better to do it that way.

My workflow is:

Develop and test locally on MAMP Pro Then upload the modified files via FTP Then check/test the live site is functioning as expected.

I can see some collaboration benefits with Beanstalk, but I don't work in a team, so there's no need for that.

From what I can see, Beanstalk deploys by FTP anyway. So I can't see the advantage of working locally, uploading to Beanstalk, then Beanastalk sending via FTP.

I must be missing a fundamental aspect to why this is a better practice. Can anyone explain?


Simon Clay

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  • 7 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

What we were saying is that the files that make up the site should be stored in version control.

The big advantage of deploying directly from source control and never manually transferring files is that the state of the live site is never ahead of any development copy. You don't have to worry about accidentally uploading an older version of a file, or even trying to remember which files have changed since your last deploy. There no risk of missing a file.