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Members-only Shop

I am trying to create a members-only shop, so the entire site is behind a password.

Currently I am using the standard perch_shop_registration_form(); for a customer to create an account and choose a password etc. This is working fine.

But I want to approve the customer using the members app before they can log in. So I have ticked the New members require approval box on the Registration form in Members in Perch.

Now when someone fills in the form I am getting an error in debug - Invalid address:.

But they are being created as a pending member, which is what I want. They are not being created as a customer in Orders > Customers, however. Now when I approve them and log in using their credentials they are being created as a customer, which again is fine.

But when I call perch_shop_customer_addresses();, there is nothing there, which makes me think they are not being created properly as a customer, possibly due to Members stalling the process?

Help with this would be appreciated - all templates are from the initial set, and it is a totally fresh install. End goal is a shop site behind an admin-approved login, where when potential customers apply they are created as a pending customer, so once approved their address etc. is already listed to use.

Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison 37 points

  • 4 years ago


Yeah just had a look and there aren't entries in perch2_shop_addresses for those Customer IDs, hence why no addresses. Any thoughts about how I might be able to get the result I am after?

Hi guys,

Did you have any thoughts on how I might be able to achieve the setup I am aiming for?



Hi Mike,

I'm not sure about your specific problem but I have done this on a Perch shop with manual payments (client was manually processing invoices as a wholesaler).

I just used a tag of "buyer" and checked for that. I think I updated it in the customer_create.html template in perch\templates\shop\checkout which I copied from perch\addons\apps\perch_shop\templates\shop\checkout