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Assets Panel Scrolling Bug


I've noticed a bug in the off-canvas assets panel when editing content with a browser thats the full height of my iMac screen (a viewport size of 1242 pixels).

When the browser is this height in Safari 7.1 and the latest version of Chrome on OS X 10.9 I am unable to scroll the thumbnails at all leaving any below the top 5-6 inaccessible. If the browser is made shorted and the page reloaded then it works as expected.

I've checked the console in both browsers and there is no error output.

In case I've not explained very well, I've taken a screen recording of the problem:

James Wigger

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  • 7 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Ok, thanks.

Hi Drew,

any progress with this? My client reports the same bug (Safari and Opera on Mac), which I cannot reproduce on my machine (Linux Mint). So debugging almost impossible.

As I am not oriantated in the iWorld, I don't know whather to "push" client to software update, or what?

Thank you

Tomáš Kout