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Cottages Cumbria

Finished this small site a few weeks ago for a Lake District Holiday Cottage company -

Uses all the usual Perch loveliness. Owners can add dates and prices and mark certain dates as special offers so they appear specifically on the Offers page. Each cottage has it's own sub set of pages - description, tariff, gallery and booking form.

Some of the logic for the tariffs got a bit tricky but as usual Perch…and a few late nights…and we got there.

It was nice to get some top quality photography as well, courtesy of

John Robinson

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  • 5 years ago
Simon Clay

Simon Clay 127 points

Looks great John! I like the 'Enter your starting address' feature on the 'Map & Directions' page.

Cheers Simon, yeah that is really useful and really easy to do.

I love it! It’s simple, has a nice page structure and the photos are gorgeous! I’m impressed with the tariff tables and wonder how you made that in Perch. Mind sharing the tricky parts?

Thanks Jannis. I'll get round to fully documenting this at some point but here's a brief summary.

It's mostly lots of If/Else statements and a bit of styling.

I used repeaters for each table so the client can add a number of years worth of tariffs in advance if necessary.

There are two price fields in Perch - normal and special. If the client doesn't enter a value it styles the property as booked.

If a special price is entered it strikes out the initial price and displays the special. Any date marked as special also gets displayed on the dedicated 'offers' page.

The 'book now' link on the tariff table takes the date from the row and sets it as a Perch variable in the booking form for each property.

Everything was achieved with standard Perch functionality. It did take a little forethought and planning but the actual code turned out to be fairly straightforward.

Thanks for the details on this, John! I especially like the part where you assign values to the booking form.