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Perch Shop Filtering / Sorting


As per, I'm just following up to add some more information about the comments made.

The client often wants to search by the name of a specific field within the list, be it the SKU or title, and ideally, other custom fields (if possible). They currently find the global search confusing. I often find they get confused when other results from other apps and content areas are included, especially in the format it returns (sometimes I struggle to find out what's what).

I think also, adding some sort of way to add custom fields to the listing, like collections, would be a fantastic addition to give the catalogue a more visual identifier for users, as they do struggle to find products when they have a large catalogue.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!


Ryan Gittings

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  • 2 years ago
Hussein Al Hammad

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I would also like to see the admin listing for the products improved.

Before I used Perch Shop I helped a client manage a large catalogue on a different e-commerce platform. The platform had more filtering options than Perch Shop and I used those options very regularly to locate products in the control panel.

That's why I ended up creating Pipit Catalog as a temporary alternative. Perhaps those who use it can shed some light on how the app has (if at all) helped them/their clients manage their products and where they feel it falls short. While the feedback would be for the Catalog app, it would be coming from Perch Shop users so it may be helpful to Drew/Rachel to make the default admin product listing even better.

What the Catalog app offers that the default product listing doesn't:

  • Ability to filter by a category
  • Ability to filter by a band
  • Ability to filter by status (this may not be necessary if the status is listed in the column. There are only 2 statuses at the moment and Runway users should be able to sort by columns)
  • Ability to filter by sale status
  • Ability to filter by shipping requirement status (is this even useful?)
  • Ability to search by product title (no SKU search)
  • Ability to manually re-order products

The listing also includes:

  • Thumbnails
  • Highlights to indicate various states (low stock, out of stock, on sale, price not set)

Not all these features may be helpful to users (or may have not been implemented in a way that helps the user very well). That's why I think some feedback from the Catalog app users may be relevant and helpful.

Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Thanks both. This might sound like a strange question, but if this functionality exists in Catalog, is it needed in Shop too?

Ryan Gittings

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It feels like a separate app for users, having two navigation options doesn’t feel right for UX. It needs to be one experience for the editors.

It feels like a stop gap. Do completely understand the question though.

Hussein Al Hammad

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That's a fair question actually. I think it would be easier for us to train the client with one product listing than explaining that the default one doesn't have these features and this third-party one does. And the user's experience would likely be better relying on the default listing overall.

When creating a new product the user get a message:

Your product has been successfully created. Return to product listing

"product listing" links to the default listing. So I can imagine a user getting confused why it didn't take them to Catalog (assuming that's where they normally manage the products).

Also the sidebar includes links to the default listing (e.g. when on the product edit form).

Another point is that the delete button in the Catalog app just uses the same links in the default products listing. So if the user deletes a product, they get redirected to the default listing.

My point is the user will have to be exposed to both listings and I don't think it's ideal. I think someone posted here a while ago about it and they ended up changing the links in the Shop app code which is obviously not a good solution to the problem.