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I have a job where a client is wanting a portal for 'members' to have a login to download documents.

Different members will have access to different documents, and a admin needs to be able to control which document each member can see/download, but also be able to add new documents and give access to them.

Is this something perch members can manage? Has anyone done anything like this before with perch and perch members?

Thank you

Stephen Wild

Stephen Wild 3 points

  • 2 years ago

I am building a portal at the moment, it’s not quite the same as your requirements but very similar. The client wants the ability for their customers to login and see certificates/pdfs for previous jobs completed. You can restrict pages and therefore the contents of those pages to members with specific tags, I don’t know how to restrict assets though.

What I have come up with so far is(I’m using simple perch not runway) install the members app without the user login page/form instead the admins will create accounts in the backend and also give the member a tag e.g company A, Company B...etc

Admins will then create a page restricted to each member by tags e.g company A The page template has regions that will allow the admin to add files/assets. The page will also be added to a navigation group e.g members-only

Once the member has logged in I redirected them to the members/index.php This index.php page has a navigation region that pulls in the navigation group as per above e.g. members-only.

So when members tagged with ‘Customer A’ login they only see links to pages tagged with ‘Customer A’ from the navigation group. The user can then click on this page link to view/download files added to the page by admin.

There is probably a more elegant solution, but so far it works.

I would recommend just installing the members app and play with it, i found it ticked a lot of boxes, along with navigation groups and tags. I am not a php guru either and found the docs + forum posts helpful.

I will share a link to a dev instance of my portal tomorrow as it’s easier with a working example.


Perch Members App is the answer to your needs. Perch members allows you to restrict access to downloading and viewing or regions, forms and content based on logged in member, also member tags gives you even more control over what’s available to the members. Members app is extremely powerful and you should take a little while to study the documentation and examples to get a good understanding of how much this app can do for you.