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Error logging in - invalid domain but all details are correct

We have recently received the following error:

Sorry, your license key isn't valid for this domain. Log into your Perch account and add the following as your live or testing domain:

I am not sure what the issue is as the key is valid and has existed for a while. I have recently updated to PHP v7.2

Thanks Karen

Karen Blaylock

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  • 2 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

Thanks Drew, I will move to Perch 3. Firstly, I want to backup the app and although I can see the documentation can't fine the backup. Please can you help.

Can you point me to the Backup download please?


The “Backup” you need to perform is not an app. You first need to do an sql dump on the perch database. Then make a copy of your templates directory just for safety. Then Download the latest version of Perch. Copy the core directory to your perch installation and when you go to login to your perch cms the update will run. You will also want to update your installed apps. The backup you performed is just in case something goes wrong you will be able to restore the data.

Thanks Robert. An App is mentioned in the documentation perhaps this has been removed now.

Karen, the mentioned app is here.

There is a bit of setup involved and special requirements. Prior to setting up this app it would certainly be advised you do a manual backup in the matter I outlined above. Therefore adding this app is more work and still requires the manual backup prior to adding a new app to insure full recoverability.

Thanks Robert, I have managed to do a manual backup and export the data and upload to a testing site so that I can then update and check Perch 3 works. However, whilst the site looks ok, when I try to login various images are unresolved e.g. /perch/core/assets/img/logo.png - which does exist . Is it because my test site is in a sub directory rather than the root folder of the overarching domain?

That certainly sounds like the issue. Have you viewed the page source to find out the url for the missing images? Is it in conflict with your current setup?

Yes, I have recreated the test domain with the same directory structure as the live domain and now all seems to work, thanks.