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Members App v1.4 and static pages

If you have pages that are running outside of Perch Runway's routing (actual PHP pages, not pages created via the CMS), perch member tags within these pages will stop working after updating the Perch Members app.

Apparently from v1.4 the Members app is initialised when a page.loaded event is fired. This event is not fired on "static" pages.

Here is a fix:

Add the following after "include('perch/runtime.php');":

// initialize perch members app because page.loaded event is never fired
if (PERCH_RUNWAY && function_exists("perch_members_init")) {

All member features will be working again.

Stéphane Mégécaze

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  • 5 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

We spotted this issue too. In the current version of Runway you can check for PERCH_RUNWAY_ROUTED.

We'll be updating the apps to make use of this.