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Minimum Image Size checking and alerts

Hi Guys,

Anyone asked for this feature before? But the ability to setup minimum image dimensions for editors and error trapping if they don;t reach those requirements? Not sure how it would be implemented with the assets. But examples I have are that I am mostly creating responsive images, so often to create the @2x or creating multiple versions for srcset that the retina versions need to be of a certain size. I can get around this with srcset and sizes, but the real issue comes for me when I am masking an image into a circle for example.

Lets say I am creating a circle image that is 400px by 400px - if they upload an image that is 600x300 then it would crop it as it is over 400px wide but the height is too short. so it ends up being oval. It would be nice to have a little check that the image is in fact at lease 400px wide and 400px high and present a warning or error if not.

Just throwing it out there as I have come across this on the last two sites I am building.

Terry Upton

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  • 5 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

We could theoretically grey out images that are too small in the asset chooser so that they can't be selected.