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Server error when trying to install perch


I have perch installed on my development environments without any issues.

However, tonight I am trying to install it on the live web server (name2net).

I have downloaded the perch software and ftp it onto the web server. However, when I try to run the setup it can't find the file. On safari I get a blank screen. On chrome I get a server error.

I think a file is missing but I have now downloaded the software twice without success.

Many thanks, Ben

Ben Brown

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  • 5 years ago

ben, do you have cpanel access on your hosting? I normally upload the zip, then extract it on the server. Never had issues with missing files this way...

Thanks - given it a go but that didn't work either.

The browser redirects to and then I have a blank screen.

Any other ideas?

Many thanks, Ben

yes, blank screen means there is a php error. you would need to check the error log on the server to see what the error is.

Have you run the compatibility test and uploaded a freshly downloaded Perch folder to your server?

Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

The first step is to check the hosting can run the compatibility test as Ryan has mentioned.

If so, then you will need to access the error log and see what actual error is being thrown.

Thanks so much. Turns out I was being stupid.

My host was set to an older version of PHP. All I had to do was select a newer version!!

Many thanks for your help.

Thanks, Ben