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How to align images in built-in Redactor editor?

A year ago I asked about changing the cms:asset shortcode to pass on attributes such as align and style in this post:

This is still a simple but crucial issue for my clients. Is this a difficult thing to change?

Also, if the asset chooser could include some settings (width, alignment, etc) which automatically got added to the shortcode that would be a huge help for less savvy users.

Thanks for your help!

R T Partridge

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  • 2 years ago
Simon Clay

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Hi, I worked with the excellent Hussein Al Hammad on a plugin that would restore the ability to see the image, rather than shortcodes in the Redactor editor.

You can find it here:

This opens the way to have the 'image alignment' feature again.

To get the align feature, add config.imagePosition = true; into the get function. So your perch/addons/plugins/editors/config.js, would be for eg:

Perch.UserConfig.redactor = function () {
  var get = function (profile, config, field) {
    // remove perchassets plugin
    config.plugins = config.plugins.filter(function (item) {
      return item !== 'perchassets'

    // add inlineperchassets plugin
    if (config.plugins.indexOf('inlineperchassets') === -1) config.plugins.push('inlineperchassets');

    config.imagePosition = true;

    return config;

  var load = function (cb) {
    // load inlineperchassets plugin
    jQuery.getScript(Perch.path + '/addons/plugins/editors/redactor-plugins/pipit_inlineperchassets/inlineperchassets.js', cb);

  return {
    'get': get,
    'load': load


Massive thanks to Hussein Al Hammad who did all the clever stuff.

Oooh! Nice work.