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Using page template as a controller

Hi all,

Just wondering if there is a way of using page properties to load different layouts, as a kind of MVC controller.

In WordPress I would do something like this

<?php if(is_page(818)){ // buy a voucher get_template_part('inc/booking/tmpl_booking-form-vouchers'); get_template_part('inc/booking/tmpl_payment-option'); } if(is_page(231)){ // vouchers get_template_part('inc/vouchers/tmpl_vouchers'); } if(is_page(233)){ // groups get_template_part('inc/groups/tmpl_groups'); } if(is_page(235)){ // book get_template_part('inc/booking/tmpl_booking-form'); get_template_part('inc/booking/tmpl_payment-option'); } if(is_page(1409)){ // thank you for booking get_template_part('inc/booking/tmpl_booking-message'); } if(is_page(1488)){ // thank you get_template_part('inc/contact/tmpl_thank-you-message'); } ?>

I've read the threads about using page attributes and I've attempted this, but this just echos out the page ID and doesn't do any processing against it.

$pageID = perch_page_attribute('pageID'); if ($pageID == 1){ echo "we on home page"; };

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Lee Goodman

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  • 5 years ago
Drew McLellan

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$pageID = perch_page_attribute('pageID', true);

Thanks Drew,

Can you explain how this should work. If I try using your example

$pageID = perch_page_attribute('pageID', true);

if ($pageID == 1){
        echo "we are on home page";

This doesn't meet the condition. If I do a var_dump($pageID); it returns a boolean. I am trying to match the ID and load a template part if it is a specific page.

Many thanks

aha I think I have it!

$pageID = perch_page_attribute('pageID', [], true);

as opposed to

$pageID = perch_page_attribute('pageID', true);

seems to work.

Thanks Drew

Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
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Probably the better solution is to use Perch Runway, which has routing built in.

Ahhh of course it does, I haven't used that feature yet but a light bulb has just gone off!!