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Podcast + perch_v2.8.18?

Hi Guys,

Just upgraded to the core to perch_v2.8.18. Now the podcast page is not displaying the episodes. Any idea?

Diagnostic Report:

Perch: 2.8.18, PHP: 5.3.29, MySQL: 5.5.41, with PDO
Server OS: Linux, cgi-fcgi
Installed apps: content (2.8.18), assets (2.8.18), categories (2.8.18), perch_podcasts (1.1)
App runtimes: <?php $apps_list = array( 'content', 'categories', 'perch_podcasts' );
PERCH_PATH: /hermes/bosoraweb116/b1261/ipw.georgetownallianceca/public_html/livinghopealliance/perch
PERCH_CORE: /hermes/bosoraweb116/b1261/ipw.georgetownallianceca/public_html/livinghopealliance/perch/core
PERCH_RESFILEPATH: /hermes/bosoraweb116/b1261/ipw.georgetownallianceca/public_html/livinghopealliance/perch/resources
Image manipulation: GD
PHP limits: Max upload 20M, Max POST 20M, Memory: 128M, Total max file upload: 20M
Resource folder writeable: Yes
SCRIPT_NAME: /perch/core/settings/diagnostics/index.php
DOCUMENT_ROOT: /home/users/web/b1261/ipw.georgetownallianceca/public_html/livinghopealliance
REQUEST_URI: /perch/core/settings/diagnostics/
<?php include('../perch/runtime.php'); ?>
<!doctype html>
        <meta charset="utf-8" />
        <title>Living Hope Alliance Church, Brampton / Georgetown - <?php perch_content('page title'); ?></title>

        <!-- css -->
        <link href="" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />

        <!-- favicon -->
        <link rel="icon" type="" href="images/favicon.png" />

        <!-- scripts -->
        <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


        <div id="wrapper">
                <?php perch_content('header'); ?>

            <nav class="container primary nav-main">
                <?php perch_pages_navigation(array(
                    'from-path' => '/',
                    'levels'    => 2,
                    'template'  => 'item.html'

            <div id="template-content">
                <div id="template-left">
                   <div id="left-nav" style="float: left; clear: both;">
                    <?php perch_pages_navigation(array(
                    'from-path' => '*',
                    'from-level'=> 1, /* displays the current section + sub nav */
                    'flat' =>'true', /* removes indent sub nav */
                    'template' => 'item.html',
                    <?php perch_content('left sidebar'); ?>

                    <p style="float: left; clear: both;"><a style="border: none;" href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="60" height="60" alt="iTunes Podcast logo" /></a></p>
                <div id="template-right">
                    <h1>Weekly Audio Messages</h1>
                    <?php perch_podcasts_episodes('lhac'); ?>
                <?php perch_content('footer'); ?>

Kevin Brandon

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  • 5 years ago
Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

Does this work in your development environment?

What do you get if you turn on debug for that page?

When I turn on debug, and add '<?php PerchUtil::output_debug(); ?>' after the body tag, the webpage takes a long time to load, and does not display any debug information that I can see:

In Perch > General Settings I have displayed this error:

~~~ Debug Message SELECT u.*, r.* FROM perch2_users u, perch2_user_roles r WHERE u.roleID=r.roleID AND u.userEnabled=1 AND u.userID=2 AND u.userHash='b97494d638f966e1c01be76e940548f6' LIMIT 1 UPDATE perch2_users SET userHash='683bab117e2d9202308c6dfbf31f8a69' WHERE userID='2' SELECT p.privKey FROM perch2_user_privileges p SELECT * FROM (SELECT DISTINCT settingID, settingValue FROM perch2_settings WHERE userID=2 OR userID=0 ORDER BY userID DESC) AS settings GROUP BY settingID Image folder writable? 1 SELECT DISTINCT settingID, settingValue FROM perch2_settings WHERE userID=0 Queries: 6 Memory: 3.1571 Array ( [type] => 8192 [message] => Directive 'register_long_arrays' is deprecated in PHP 5.3 and greater [file] => Unknown [line] => 0 )

Thank you,

Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew 394 points
Perch Support

If you View Source you can see that the page is cut off which means you have a PHP error.

What is in the error log?

Also, is this happening in your local environment?

Thanks Rachel,

/Error The latest error for livinghopealliance is: 20151115T135422: PHP Warning: POST Content-Length of 29611423 bytes exceeds the limit of 20971520 bytes in Unknown on line 0

I am not a PHP expert - but it looks like there is an issue with file size of an uploaded asset - does this make any sense to you?

/ Dashboard In the Dashboard when I click on the Apps > Podcast, I can see the show has 17 episodes. When I click on the show link it takes me to '/perch/addons/apps/perch_podcasts/show/?id=1' and then displays a blank page. Then logs me out of the CMS.

/ Web page On the plus side I can see the error message on the audio web page now:

Debug Message SELECT regionKey, regionHTML FROM perch2_content_regions WHERE regionPage='/messages/audio.php' OR regionPage='*' ORDER BY regionPage DESC Array ( [type] => 8192 [message] => Directive 'register_long_arrays' is deprecated in PHP 5.3 and greater [file] => Unknown [line] => 0 )

I do not have a local environment.

Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
Perch Support

Try Podcasts 1.2 and see if that helps:

Working with my hosting company they resolved the PHP 5.3 error:

Array ( [type] => 8192 [message] => Directive 'register_long_arrays' is deprecated in PHP 5.3 and greater [file] => Unknown [line] => 0 )

They disabled register_globals from php.ini file

Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
Perch Support

That error is a complete red herring and has nothing to do with the problem you've been seeing.

LOL, perfect Drew I will try that right now.

Currently I am on PHP 5.3 should I be at a higher level of PHP? Is that causing an issue at all?

Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
Perch Support

This should still work on 5.3, but its days are numbered. You should update when you can. The current version is now PHP 7.

Thank you,

I see that I can go to PHP 5.6 right now. I think I will try and get the Podcast app working again first and then look at PHP.