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Add Member Tag to All Members Easily

Is there a way to add a tag to all members apart from through perch admin? We have approx 400 members and I want to give them all a new tag for a voting system that will be removed once they have voted.

Thanks for any ideas.

Greg Riley

Greg Riley 1 points

  • 2 years ago

Wouldn’t it be easier to go the other way... add a tag of “Voted” after they have voted. Unless you add an expires date, it will stay forever.

Thanks Robert, sounds like a better way if I can work out how to block a page when a member has the tag of voted.

if (perch_member_has_tag('voted')) {
    # show this because member has already voted
    # show this because member has not voted

Another way is to use this at the very top of page before any output has begun...