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Runway Ghost Page Spawning...

I have a runway site that is spawning blank pages in the admin... it started slowly but is now about 20 a day... looking at the admin, the pages have no location, just a default region ('Page Content") which is created I guess from a master template, because my master templates have a perch_content_create with region named "Page Content".

looking at the perch2_pages table, the record for the ghost page contains entries for pageID(1377), pageParentID(0), pageOrder(15),pageDepth(1), pageTreePosition(000-015), pageHidden(0), pageNavOnly(0), pageCreatorID(0), pageModified(2018-12-06 10:06:09), pageAttributeTemplate(dehault.html), templateID(0), Values for those fields shown in parens. All other fields are blank.

I can’t find what could be causing it! Really struggling with this. Any help would be much appreciated.

-- Monty

Monty Lewis

Monty Lewis 2 points

  • 2 years ago

Update: I've found how the ghost pages are created...

It's a page that lists blog posts and has a perch content region used to set introductory text.

The page had a location path of /news/stories when that url was visited, the page worked as expected.

But it had an additional route set for /stories When this url is visited, a ghost page was being spawned and the perch content is missing from the page when viewed in a browser...

I’ve removed the route to /stories and replaced it with a redirect in the .htaccess file and it seems there’s no ghost page created when the page is visited. So, am I doing something wrong with the pattern field in routes?

Drew McLellan

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What was the route for /stories used for?

Just as an alternate way to get to news/stories

Then all of the blog posts are off of /news/stories/...

I'm going to close this. Reversing the two entries fixed the issue for me.