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Content groups

I've posted the idea previously via email, but it probably went under. It's not to nag that I'm re-posting it here, I just think it's the better channel.

The idea: add "content groups" that steer visibility in the Backend as well as (if required) output in the frontend:

<perch:content type="text" group="english" id="title_e" />
<perch:content type="text" group="german" id="title_d" />
<perch:content type="text" group="french" id="title_f" />

With an additional menu in the backend, allow editors to select one of these groups. Like "English / French / German". When selecting "French", only the "french" fields are visible & editable in the backend.

And in the frontend, allow filtering by that group.

perch_content_custom('Title', array(
// will output only german content

I think this might be a huge quick win for Perch Runway, as you can build multilanguage structures (synchronous, of course) and not have a huge amount of fields in the backend.

On the other hand, it's not related to languages in any way, it could be used for filtering all sorts of content according to definitions in the templates (now, afaik, we can only filter by editor-entered content, right?).

Urs Bräm

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  • 5 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

It's not lost, just in a long queue of things to look into! Thanks.

Question. Is there an updated state to that topic or maybe another solution available to edit multilanguage content with Perch?

Thanks for your reply Mat

Hi Mat - I'm working on a multilanguage site with runway and have quite a few experiences in the meantime. I'll try to sum up everything when the project is finished, but if you're interested, I can provide you with the state of my findings anytime.

Bottom line up to now: I haven't found a solution for a single tree navigation due to human readable URLs - everything else is quite fine: I've got

  • a synchronous language switcher for a multi tree site (with associations of pages)
  • Translation of labels via collections and categories
  • partial translations of collection items (with fallback!)

You can get in touch for more info via ub (at)