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404 Error page in Runway

Hi Guys, How can I make perch Runway show a 404 error page? In Perch this was easy as it was a line in my htaccess and as they were physical pages, if one didn't exist it would kick to the 404 error page. However, s Runway works a little different with controllers how do I get a 404 error page for pages that simply don't exist?

I am not referring to list and details layouts as I have a solution for this. Instead I am referring to when you 'ad a page' in the backend. So for example;

This is a page in my setup; https://geomatrixv2.loc/land-products/borehole-logging/matrix-logger/

If I try and access this URL https://geomatrixv2.loc/land-products/borehole-logging/matrix-logger/ed/ - I do get a page cannot be found message (presumably pulled from my error page template), but it is missing breadcrumbs and also the URL is not changing to a 404 error. I expect to see the URL change to https://geomatrixv2.loc/404/

Have I missed something in the setup?

Thanks, Terry

Terry Upton

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  • 5 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

The URL won't change. For the URL to change, we'd have to issue an HTTP 302, when the result is a 404. So we issue a 404.

Yes thanks Drew. I think i got myself in a muddle too as I manually created a 404 page but Perch Runways creates a 404 error page if there is a 404 so I had two versions and this threw me a little.