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Bug Discovered, just a tiny one...

So, I was demonstrating Perch 2.7.4 to a client and we were working in a category set which had (2) layers of sub-categories. I showed them about dragging and dropping to re-arrange the categories. About that time I did a stupid thing and deleted a primary category which still had (2) layers of subcategories and to my surprise the subcategories didn't rise to the deleted level.

I thought no big deal I will just rearrange the subcategories to now be primary... But as soon as you click rearrange button the orphaned subcategories disappear. Clicking categories link reloads the categories listing page and the once the page loads the orphaned subcategories are once again visible.

Is this a bug??? I would think like pages with regions won't display a delete button, categories with subcategories wouldn't delete unless the subcategories were already deleted.

Robert Ketter

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  • 6 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

It's not really a bug, but it could be improved. I would have thought deleting a top level category would cascade the delete.