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Markitup v CKeditor - What do clients prefer?

As a designer, using Markitup editor in Perch for clients to use make sense as it limits the damage that a client to do using a more conventional wysiwyg editor, however, CKeditor provides the client with a far more familiar interface and view of the content when editing. Also CKeditor has little or no learning curve because of it's familiarity compared to Markitup.

So a question to my fellow Perch uses - What editor do you offer clients and those that offer Markitup how do your clients get on with it?

Neil Duddridge

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  • 5 years ago
Ben Furfie

Ben Furfie 3 points
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I personally use Redactor and edit the js file to limit what formatting they can apply.

CKeditor for the reasons you mentioned, though I've had to play quite a bit with CKeditor's styles.js, config.js, and a custom .css file to limit the amount of damage the client can do. I basically only allow them to use styles that I create for them, and I've removed all buttons that could break anything.

Redactor. Seems more lightweight than CK Editor, less to go wrong ;-)

Simon Clay

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I prefer Redactor, but I have my niggles with it. I like the fact that it's stripped right back to the bare essentials with the scope to add in additional functionality.

However, they've removed the ability to resize images. So clients are stuck with the image at the one size specified in our markup.

I use Markitup with clients - there is a small learning curve but most seem to get it fairly quickly. I also include a cheat sheet on my builds, so they can see the Markdown code and then how it will be displayed on the site.

ckeditor seems to be popular but one of my clients has just asked why they can't center align images and I'm having reservations now