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As a Perch suggestion…

Having some kind of "live preview" of a page would be top of my list as far as feature requests.

Last week I tried a demo of Craft CMS, and this was by far the most compelling feature for me. I suspect it would be a very compelling feature for clients in terms of UX too. Here is their feature for reference

Jay George

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  • 3 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch has preview already. It wouldn't be ethical to copy someone else's style of doing preview even if we thought that was the direct direction for Perch.

That surprises me. I wouldn't say it's a unique feature, just a really good way of handling a preview of content. Maybe Perch could do something better?

It would be no less ethical than Perch's "blocks" feature vs Craft's "matrix" feature, which are very similar.

Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
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Having never used Craft or seen its matrix feature, I have no idea how they'd compare.

Hah! Ok, maybe I should start again with this suggestion then :-) …

Even though Perch has a "preview" feature, it would be great if there was a side-by-side "live preview" feature where you could see your content render as you type, without having to hit save and refresh the preview page.

This would be helpful for clients, who often have trouble visually connecting what they author and the end result. Incidentally it would also be helpful for font-end designers such as myself.

This kind of editing experience seems to becoming more prevalent in modern CMS's — 2 such examples are WordPress' new Gutenberg editing experience, and Craft's Live Preview editing experience.

Duncan Revell

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Have you tried the SimpleMDE editor with live preview? It doesn’t show the whole page, but shows the content you’re editing.