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What's your top feature request?

We haven't done this for a while, so what is your top feature request for Perch or Perch Runway?

Link to something you have already raised in the forum if you've already posted it.

Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew 394 points

  • 6 years ago

We have had one for searchable admin panel, this point was only brought to our attention when a client of ours needed to find a blog post to change and asked about being able to search through all blog posts.

Display a live character/word count on page attribute fields, for example page title, meta description, to help editors/admins enter the appropriate number of words/characters in these fields, primarily to follow Google's guidelines.

Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan 2638 points
Perch Support

Bob - control panel search is available in Perch Runway. It tends to be bigger sites that need search.

Simon Clay

Simon Clay 127 points

'In ratio' image cropping tool.

Badly cropped / uncropped images uploaded by the client make the site look less professional.

Either they don't have the software to crop the image before they upload or they don't crop it in ratio to the width and height set in the perch template.

I expect this would need some required php modules to be installed.

In regards to cropping. If you can declare where you want the crop to start. By default its crops from the center out, but you may want to crop images from the top left or someplace different.

Thanks for asking. My top feature requests right now.

  1. Upgrade Event App (new features — a small calendar to go on main event page listing with a class to style for days with have events) plus categories integration.
  2. Import from CVS, XML, or JSON data into Collections. (This would be a huge selling point for migrating sites to Perch Runway.)
  3. Stripe AddOn (I'd use it for donations for a non-profit site under development)

Scott we are currently working on a Stripe app but won't be done till after the holidays early new year.

Morning people of Perch,

1) I have 4 websites waiting for the Event app to have a start and finish date, currently they are all adding a weekly event day by day.

2) Mass asset image upload...

3) A plugin to help me understand the brief of a client when they use words they have no understanding of.


Scott: CSS is your friend for making a small calendar with Perch Event App

Simon Clay

Simon Clay 127 points

Steve, if you ever find your number 3 request, let me know, I beg you.

Brandon, that's great. Sign me up next year.

Stephen, yes! Will see what I could do.

Meant a calendar that just uses a css class to highlight dates that has an event that links to a page that displays that day's events rather the current calendar, which is great too, but displays all the day's event titles which can get crowded if there are a number of events that particular day. (Client request)

To add another magic request a feature to duplicate an event that has small text variations for a series of events. Sort of like multiple day events.

Native gallery app search. Recent updates broke my efforts, cobbled from articles and forum posts.

Here's a few suggestions:

I'm new to Perch, great CMS!

For a better overview I would like to see on which master page a page was created, maybe this could be referenced in the page details or the help sidebar.

First of all, thanks for creating such an amazing CMS! Truly a joy to develop with, and thank you for always being so responsive and helpful on these forums as well.

Here is my Christmas list:

  1. An easy way to search the intersections of multiple categories. The filter array in perch_content_custom() has this functionality, but right now filtering by multiple categories returns the union instead. I've been using a rather cumbersome workaround with multiple perch_content_custom()s — one for each category, storing result or each as an associative array, and then employing the PHP function array_intersect(). Then it's a matter of running every item in that array through perch_content_custom again in order to display it. There must be a better way!
  2. Making detail pages of collections more 'page-like'. This is a bit more nebulous, but it would involve modifying perch_breadcrumbs() so that the "title" of the collection item is the last thing in the array, and so that ctrl+e on these pages opens up the particular item in Perch, instead of the including page.
  3. Much more minor: "Republish" button for collections too. For example, if we were to add a slug field to an existing collection template right now, we'd have to go through each item in the collection and republish in order to populate that field.

Happy Holidays! And thanks once again.

  1. Admin search - Appreciate it exists in Runway, but I see no reason why it couldn't exist in Perch. If it exists as part of the standard Core UI it adds zero complexity for developers or admin.. which I understand to be the decision matrix for Runway v Perch? Plus, even smaller sites can end up with a lot of content in the form of blog posts or gallery items.

  2. The ability to schedule updates instead of the instant live approach there is now. I know this is possible with some custom filtering but a more 'official' solution could probably be implemented much better - plus, filtering content doesn't stop things appearing in Perch site search - which brings me to my final point...

  3. More options around Perch site search - the ability to hide sections or entire pages of content - plus some filtering/sort options a little like perch_custom for other areas of Perch.

My classic: re-render all images based on the templates (when new re-re-retina smartphones come up, when new srcset possibilities arise, etc)

  1. Update Perch from within the CMS. As my customer base grows, this becomes a much more time-saving feature.
  2. Stripe Add-on! This would streamline the majority of my e-commerce sites.
  3. I'd love to be able to control the weekly start date in the events calendar. Not major, but I've been asked about it.

Would love a new Events app. Features to include:

  • Start/stop dates
  • Start/stop times
  • Re-occurring events
  • Time option 24 clock on/off
  • Week option Sunday/Monday start day
  • Better integration with rest of Perch (shared content with other modules)

I would love to see image cropping where you set the dimensions and the client can manually adjust the crop location on the image.

Another feature I'd like to see is datachecklist; similar to how dataselect works, but is a list of checkboxes so the client can select multiple options.