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I love to see all the add-ons have the re-order functionality. E.g. Drag and drop the order of products in the foxy cart app.

Dan Lee

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I'd love to see...

Post-type Improvement

It currently doesn't seem that user friendly when you have to save a blog post to then switch into a different field set for that post. (I can see this being confusing for clients).

Member Improvements

  • relationships between collections and members
  • members list field for use in blog posts

Loving the introduction of blocks by the way!


For multiple-item regions: when the "Item list column IDs" are set in the region options, it would be useful to be able to sort the items by alphabetical order by clicking on a given column in the list. That's especially true for long list of items.

So if I have name and type column, clicking on type would sort the items by alphabetical order, which would result in grouping them by type. That way, for long list of items, clients could easily decide on which criteria sort the list on a case by case basis.

The values in the region options would act as default and could be overwritten by the content editor by clicking on a given column. The next time the content editor comes back to the region, the list would again use the default values from the options.


I've been trying to figure out how to create a table using templates. I can see creating rows or columns using templates, no problem, but one needs to carry the ultimate form of the table in one's head when filling out the text blocks. It can quickly get confusing.

Maybe there's an easy way to do this that I haven't discovered. And I haven't gone the JQuery route yet. I've simply been contemplating how to use the existing Perch tools.

Maybe others have tackled this and can give pointers.

I am learning Perch as I go, and there have been many wonderful Aha! moments. So thanks!

Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

John - you've posted this in a feature request thread. If you need help implementing something then create a new post with an example of what you need to create.

Another vote for showing update status of apps in diagnostics please. I updated a site to 2.8.2 along with Events, Blog and Gallery apps on 8th March. Today I had a problem with tags not saving in the Members app, luckily I thought to check the news page on perch to see that Members 1.2 was released on 9th March. This solved the problem but if I had not thought to check first I was about to log a problem on the forum. If it had appeared in the diagnostics I would have been notified as I always check diagnostics before I post.

Based on the most common problem my clients have, I agree with others here that an image cropping tool would be great.

Just something that displays the uploaded image under a draggable selection box matching the size preset in <perch:content />, this way the editor can choose what part of the image to crop and the quality of the website won't suffer.

Also a "minimum dimension" setting for image uploads (eg. <perch:content sizemin="480" />) would be a nice bonus, so that the editor cannot upload images who's width or height is smaller than 480px, for example.


Could we over-ride, in special cases:


I believe I saw in a recent Forum post (where the person wanted to require a caption, but only if an image was chosen) that Drew said that this was not possible. Sorry, I haven't been able to track down this Forum post.

The use case is:

Require the "alt" tag when an image is chosen, but the "page" can be saved without the "alt" tag filled in if no image is selected.

This would force whoever is editing to provide this key to accessibility, but only when an image is selected.

I tried over-riding required="true" using perch:if, but could not achieve my goal.

Thank you!

+1 for showing app updates in diagnostics ... or is there a summary page on the Perch site that shows this? (without browsing to each app's page I mean)

Just to add a +1 for integrating the textarea editors (Redactor is my preference) with Assets, for both image & file links. That's what is stopping us from using Perch for more sites. Thanks.

Assets should be much easier to manage. For one thing, I have to go to the assets page and click on each individual asset to open it, and then click delete to delete it. This is a horrible process that's even worse when you get redirected to the first page after deleting an asset instead of the last page the asset was on. It would be even easier if you could delete multiple assets at a time. I should easily be able to go to a page, select twenty assets, and click delete, instead of needing to open eeach one individually and click delete only to be redirected to the first asset page after I do. Another suggestion is to let users delete the assets form the 'Select an Asset' menu that slides out when you click the 'Select or Upload an Image' link on the Item Listing page. It should just be much easier to manage assets than it is right now.

The other thing I can't figure out is the 'Buckets'. This shouldn't be a difficult feature to figure out, yet I haven't seen anywhere to manage, create, or modify my 'Buckets'. When I upload an asset I should have an option of what bucket to put them in, or an option to create a new bucket for them. It's that simple, and it doesn't seem like that would be too difficult to implement, and imho is an important feature to keep assets more organized. I shouldn't have to read deep into the documentation to figure out how to use them and more coding shouldn't be required to move an item into a certain bucket. Users should be able to choose which bucket an asset is uploaded to, as well as rename, create, and delete their buckets. They shouldn't need to contact their developer to manage them.

Other than these two (pretty major) issues, I do like Perch and was able to learn the basics of it and implement it into a site I'm developing fairly easily. If you modify the way you organize assets and buckets it would be much better though.

Massive +1 for managing assets and their buckets more intuitively.

At the very start of this thread I made a comment about updating perch calendar, and it seemed to get a lot of support... All I'm after really is to be able to add start and finish dates, is it something thats in the pipeline because there does seem to be lots of comments around asking for this update?

It would be super if you could have parent/child categories within the shop apps. One level of category can be very awkward to work with.

I would love to see better functionality on deleting pages. At the minute if you have a lot of pages with regions you have to delete the regions then delete the page.

I would love the option to delete multiple pages at the same time.

Let me give you my use case. We had a client looking to use Perch they said at the start they wanted to stick to the same site structure so we went ahead and created all the pages.

But as usual with most clients they changed their mind and wanted a new site structure so we had to delete a lot of pages, but we could delete the pages until we deleted the regions inside those pages.

Just my thoughts :-)

It would be great if choosing the 'View' in the assets chooser (either tiles or list) saved, rather than defaulting back to the tiles each time. Managing sites with lots of assets is much easier in list view and having to change it each time is a (very small but frequently repeated) step.