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cannot add gallery to page

I have been on this for 3 days straight and can not figure out how to add a "gallery" to a page. i added a simple UL list of images as per some instructions but as to actually adding a "gallery" using the app and templates, i am lost. i do not want an unordered list. i need a proper gallery.

I am not finding a clear set of instructions at all.

Please help

Neil Grocholski

Neil Grocholski 0 points

  • 3 years ago

What is your definition of a gallery? What is the expected html you need?

You really got to give more information if you want help. What have you done, how is it failing/different from what you expect??

R. K

Go watch the tutorial videos.

I have since fumbled my way through, found an example of some code that calls the actual gallery i created with the "gallery plug in" and am able to see the correct images.

I am not able to style the gallery or control the sizing. I followed along the videos for the creation of the "template" pages, but something is still not right.

I am looking to have my end user be able to log in - easily upload images via the "gallery" tab in the selection on the left menu, and have them populate into the page as thumbnails with a lightbox. I don't want the client to have to add their images as individual assets and then have to fumble through to adding them to a page.

This is supposed to be what the "gallery plug in" achieves - simplicity

I just dont see where the sample code - procedure may be to help me correctly accomplish this. There were several sample "template pages" (d_album-image.html) in the gallery plug in folder.

Not being a developer, I am a bit lost as to how to get it to work.

And no, all the answers are not in the videos or i just have not found the right one yet.

Neil, sorry “stvace77” was banned from the forum today by the developers of perch. Basically his comment in this post was his way of protesting.

Just so you know, the samples in the blog add on are there to get you going and by no means are the only way to get things done. The videos should be able to give you that extra assistance, but when all else fails you turn to the forum for answers.

Unfortunately I do not have much experience with the gallery app so aside from pointing you to documentation and videos I won’t be able to provide more help, but I know another Percher will come along and assist if you hang in there.

Robert Ketter

thanks Robert - much appreciated

this is what i am using to get the images to show, but i can not seem to get the template behind it figured out or to even acknowledge it.

  <?php  perch_gallery_album_images('karrie-art-1', array( 'template' =>'d_album-image.html' 

)); ?>

Hi Neil

I've used the Gallery App in the past. I'm not 100% sure of what you want to end up with, but if I add my code and stages, it might be a starting point.

The website is - Its a gallery using thumbnails and lightbox.

On fencing page I have;

                    $opts = array(

This gets the galleries listed on the fencing page and I'm filtering any galleries with 'fencing' selected as a category.

My Template (I used one of the original templates and edited it to suit). d_album-image.html =

<div class="col-xs-6 col-sm-4 col-md-4 col-lg-3 grid-item">
    <div class="album-list">
        <a href="album.php?s=<perch:gallery id="albumSlug" />"><img src="<perch:gallery id="thumb" />" class="img-responsive" alt="<perch:gallery id="imageAlt" />" height="<perch:gallery id="thumb-h" />" width="<perch:gallery id="thumb-w" /> "/></a>
    <div class="album-slug"><a href="album.php?s=<perch:gallery id="albumSlug" />"><perch:gallery id="albumTitle" /></a></div>

Then on my album.php I have;


            if(isset($_GET['s'])) {

                $opts = array(
                   'template'   =>'fancybox-album-image.html'
                perch_gallery_album($_GET['s'], $opts);
            } ?>

And my template page (fancybox-album-image.html) has;

    <h1 class="album-title"><perch:gallery id="albumTitle" /></h1>
    <p>Please click on an image to see more detail and scroll through gallery</p>

<a href="<perch:gallery id="main" />" data-fancybox="group" title="<perch:gallery id="desc" label="caption" escape="true" html="true" />"><img border="0" src="<perch:gallery id="small" />"  /></a>

This is using fancyBox v3.1.24.

I don't know if this helps you at all? But hopefully its a starting point for you to edit as you need.