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Perch Blog BLOG FOLDER Issue - Navigation Menu alignment affected

Thanks for the support thus far. However, I have another annoying issue - I've spent ages trying to resolve. I've checked all other things, and have concluded it is connected to PERCH_BLOG and the BLOG folder. I've formatted the blog page to match my site, and used the various functions to call the data. However, what is happening is that my 'navigation bar' under the 'image header' moves out of position whenever I place the 'blog.php' page into the blog folder with relevant commands. In fact, it doesn't matter what folder the page is in. Whenever I include the relevant stuff needed to display blog content:

<?php include('../perch/runtime.php'); ?> (I have varied the path to ensure it wasn't a pathing issue - no change with or without '..' or '/', etc.).

<!DOCTYPE html>

<?php perch_get_css(); ?>

<?php perch_blog_recent_posts(10); ?>

<?php perch_blog_categories(); ?>

<?php perch_blog_tags(); ?>

<?php perch_blog_date_archive_years(); ?>

<?php perch_blog_date_archive_months(); ?>

The page navigation bar gets moved out of alignment.

Every other page is fine. What on earth is causing this issue?

Image 1 - OK Image 2 - Moved


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  • 3 years ago

After further investigation, it is beyond doubt that the following line is causing my navigation menu to shift position:

<?php perch_get_css(); ?>

I'd like to know why this is, and if there's a way to prevent it. Thanks.

I should just note, as a work-around, I have added the above piece of code into the heading of every page. This has resulted in conformity - despite the fact that navigation bar is not exactly where and how I'd like it because of the unknown interference from the Perch code. It'll have to do for the time being...

Drew McLellan

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Are you using any Feathers? If not, just lose the perch_get_css() function call.

Thanks, that worked. I got the idea it should be included from somewhere. All the best.