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Field that holds an URL and Editors can Select a Page


i have, maybe a trivial question, but how would i get a field in a template filled with the url of a page a editor selects in the backend?

So basically, the template has like

<perch:content id="linkurl" type="text" label="Link to Page" required="true" />

and int the backend an editor can select via dropbox from a list of the perch pages.

One idea i have is to build the options for the type="select" with php but i struggle to find the right values for the available pages.

I tried to find anything like it as an example. Does someone have an idea or better a short example. Maybe another way to make this work?

Since i am not so experienced yet with perch i might have just overlooked the obvious way.

Thanks & BR

Martin Senebald

Martin Senebald 0 points

  • 6 years ago

Dexter Harrison said:

Page list field type

Perfect. That is what i was looking for.. :D

Marry Christmas!