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Need to continuously re-upload images - AMPPS

I'm working on Localhost and as the topic says, each time I delete a region and re-add it; I must then go and upload images again. It also happens when a template changes, even in a miniscule way and I refresh the page in Perch.

Is there any way to make this work better from a Perch development perspective?

It's already a big enough of a hassle when regions appear out of order from when they are instanced (subject of another thread) but this makes it all the more time consuming.

I appreciate in the last update there were changes that meant data was less likely to be lost in the event of a change in a template but I feel something more needs to be done.

I trust I have made my concerns and/or requests abundantly clear.

Garth Holmes

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  • 4 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Perch Support

That doesn't sound normal. Can you detail the exact steps so we can reproduce it?

Hi Drew,

I will try.

Prior to changing the PHP configuration to allow larger uploads, i.e. 10M when I select "use selected" I see the Thumbnail image in the Resources selector and Region both before and after I save, however after I change php.ini to allow larger uploads, I no longer see any thumbnail.

In either case, existing resources cannot be used unless I navigate to the actual resource first and quasi upload.

Hope you can help

Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

This sounds like an issue with your local development environment, which isn't something we can offer support for unless you can demonstrate clearly that the issue is due to Perch code itself.

Hi Rachel,

I've edited my post and understand the situation but I am using a Package.

In other words, can Perch devs. replicate?


Rachel Andrew

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Perch Support

We don't use AMPPS, and haven't seen any other reports of this behaviour. We can't support every possible combination of development environment and at present we don't think this is an issue with our software as it is not being reported by anyone else and we have very little to go on from your report.

Hi Rachel,

That's why I asked re: any devs but so far I've had to:

  • remove asset references from SQL in relation to a particular asset, i.e. image (this way you can upload again without missing out on thumbnails and having -1 etc., appended to the filename
  • remove uploaded files from FTP (they are only copies anyway)
  • refresh assets page (no longer does the resource in question exist)
  • go to Perch content page and remove references to previous resource from there (WebP image references cannot be removed as they are type="file" rather than type="image" but can be overwritten later)

I have also found that the Resource loader/selector doesn't show all resources by default, and in a quirk you must first select a Bucket then remove the filter.

The basic problem seems to be that Buckets are hard-coded in templates, and are not able to truly determined by a content editor.