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Design Question before taking on the Task...

Good Morning,

I am currently looking at the task of building a website for a dealership. This site will be built on Runway and the biggest concern for me is which way to go in designing the drop downs for (Make)(Model)(Year) and such....

Should I be using Collections for each of these controls? If so, Should I use blocks within the collection for additional details?

So hopefully I can explain my thoughts:

Collection: Makes (Chevy, Ford, Toyota) --> Blocks: Models (HD2500, F150, Tundra) --> Blocks: Years (2001, 2002, 2003)

I just need a guiding point to start with, and maybe just a tiny sample code. I just want to start off in the right path so I don't have to keep re-inventing the wheel.

Robert Ketter

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  • 5 years ago
Rachel Andrew

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I'd probably use Collections, and whether to use Blocks or not depends on whether the info you need adding is presentational or you want to be able to filter etc. on it.

If you want to filter on it then I would suggest making it required in the main content for that Collection to ensure that it is captured. You could also have a Blocks section for extra detail that just displays as part of the site page.

Thanks Rachel, would you suggest a single collection for each (Make) then each (Model) a block then sub-block for each (Year)...

Filtering is the most important so basically I want to use collections for the Make, Model, Year then another Collection for all vehicles and tie together with related.

I will have to sit down and map this out, but does this sound like it should work?

I have no problem getting the information back to the templates, so basically the collection of data (templates) will not contain any html for output to front.

Any additional thoughts are very welcome. Thank You.

Rachel Andrew

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I wouldn't make those things Blocks at all. Blocks are to give design flexibility over content, being able to pick from the template you want to use.

If I wanted to be able to filter things I would - as I originally described - make those fields part of the master template for that item.