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How do I revert to previous version of Redactor in Perch 3?

I read that all I needed to do was replace editor=redactor with editor=redactor2 in my Content item

<perch:content id="text" type="textarea" label="Text" editor="redactor2" html="true" imagewidth="760" before="This is the author/date slug" />

This makes no difference for me. The edit screen still shows the new Redactor UI. What am I missing?

The loss of WYSIWYG in the new Redactor makes it unusable for us.


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  • 2 years ago
Drew McLellan

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What do you mean by "loss of WYSIWYG"? Are you seeing HTML?

No, I see text and images.

BUT... images cannot be placed left, right or centre with appropriate treatment of text. Thus in previous Redactor one could Insert Image and drag its size (say 30% of region width), then (with a click on the image which brought up a dialog box) specify it to be Left, in which case text would align itself to the top right of the image, run down the image and then - if there was enough text, run under the image across the region width. Ditto by selecting Right to place the image.

Also one could Insert Image and then Drag n Drop an image directly in the dialog box, or select an image. Now in the new Redactor I am only offered a dialog to select from Assets, which means I have to first put the image into Assets.

Our Editors often experiment with different images before finalizing on one and this process is very easy with the old Redactor: just pop an image onto the page, look at it, delete it and then try another.

Others have commented in the Forum about the new Redactor going backwards with this new version in some regards, and I agree with them.

Which is why I think you were super smart to provide a mechanism for upgrading to Perch 3 but staying with the old Redactor. This displays uncommon concern for the user, for which I thank you.

My problem is I don't seem able to force the use of the old Redactor, which I take to be in the redactor2 folder inside core?

Hopefully you can point me in the right direction.

[A typical page we produce ..we have thousands of them by now] (

Drew McLellan

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It's not a Redactor change, that's a Perch change. You can disable the Assets plugin in Redactor and switch to the default Image and File plugins - it sounds like that's what you want.

Simon Clay

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Thank you Simon. Very kind of you. I had read your post previously.

There are other problems with the latest Redactor which make it unusable for us:

(1) absence of drag n drop for images. We have several non-tech Editors across the globe who need a simple mechanism to inputting images. The idea of first loading into Assets then selecting into Redactor is - frankly - a poor, user-unfriendly method. What could be simpler than the old Redactor way? Image management is not an issue for us as 98% of our images are used once only, since each of our pages covers a unique situation.

(2) the absence of WYSIWYG in terms of wrapping text around an image. Even though the old Redactor was not pixel perfect in this regard - sometimes the text on the published page did not follow exactly what you see in the Redactor editor window, it was good enough most of the time to be reliable and after a while you got to know when (for example) you needed a few more lines to wrap perfectly round the image. The new system has totally removed any form of WYSIWYG. Why??

(3) the absence of a simple mechanism to specify if the image is Left, Right or Centered makes inline page design decisions frankly impossible to make. In the old Redactor you could select Left and look to see what the page looked like in the editor, and if you wanted to you could switch to Right or Center with a single click.

(4) the absence of a Text Alignment tool in the toolbar. This is essential if you want to centre a caption under an image centred on the page. I can't remember if I had to do some custom configuring in the old Redactor to get this parrticular tool working or if it came in the standard toolbar, but its absence in the new Redactor is really poor on the part of Imperavi. They claim on their website how expert they are in developing editors, but I don't see how implementing a lesser editor is an improvement. Whatever other improvements they made is outweighed in my view by the elimination of WYSIWYG. Maybe I am missing something here???

For these reasons - and there may be others I haven't found in the time in the time it took for me to conclude the new Redactor is not for us - we have to use the old Redactor. Currently, in order to provide this, we have rolled back from Perch 3 to Perch 2.8.34

I would be EXTREMELY grateful if anyone could give me step by step instructions for getting the old Redactor working in Perch 3. I am not a programmer and broad brush instructions are not overly useful because I fear in my ignorance I will screw up our multi-thousand page site, BUT I can follow instructions, and I'm not a total technical ignoramus.

If anyone can help, you will have our undying gratitude and if we are asked to pay for this help, then that is how it will have to be. We're a not-for-profit volunteer site but we understand consultants have to earn a living.