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Repeater items not showing up in related collection items

I have a collection template that contains a repeater, used for slider images but when I try to link items from a collection to a page template using perch:related, the repeater items don't get displayed.

Sounds similar to this:

Just updated to Runway 3.03. Is there a fix for this in the pipe?

<perch:related id="house" collection="Houses">
        <li><a href="/houses/<perch:content id="memberslug" />"><perch:content id="member" />
                <perch:if exists="sliderimages"><p>Repeater ID found but no content is output</p>

                    <perch:repeater id="sliderimages" >
                        <img src="<perch:content type="image" id="sliderimage" width="320" height="400" crop="true" />" alt="<perch:content type="text" id="alt" label="Image alt / description" required="true" />">
                <perch:else />
                    <img src="/img/placeholder.jpg" alt="<perch:content id="member" />">

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  • 4 years ago
Drew McLellan

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Yes, it's something we're looking into.