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Admin Arrows

I've just had a client get quite confused over how to get "up a level" in the admin using the little arrow in the left column i.e. the arrow that sits next to the "Pages" text in the left column.

This is a client that has not used Perch before so probably a good case for ordinary user testing.

Could I suggest you add a light grey background colour behind the arrow or something similar, to make it look more like a "button"?

Jay George

Jay George 2 points

  • 3 years ago
Hussein Al Hammad

Hussein Al Hammad 105 points
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Hello Jay,

Simon Clay also wrote about this here. In the meantime you could add some CSS to help your client like Simon did (see: UI Customisations).


I disagree with Simon's final conclusion though. In light of the usability issues I've seen a client face I think the admin should be changed in some way to address this. I don't think changing the CSS is a solution for a fundamental usability problem.

I have also just thought that iOS actually has a pattern of a back arrow with text next to it. In iOS the text and arrow are treated as a single link.

Considering how many people use iOS I dare say this primes user expectation when they see this pattern.

Hmm.. very interesting. I've been building a site with Perch for the last month and I hadn't even realised there were two separate links there! I agree it's not very obvious.